1. Kalispell, MT
    05 Jul '08
    09 Nov '09 01:53
    The quick selection bar allows the sending of messages while viewing a players profile.
    Any possibility with the next update to allow "check-boxes" to itemize players, and allow
    the sending of multiple messages to multiple players from different screens?

    Like the checkboxes for putting away games into a folder...
    Allow it in club member's pages, game searches, player tables, and especially the
    "my games" page.

    Also, how about when utilizing the "view buddies" option, it would be nice to send
    messages from that screen, instead of having to view the profile and then send them

    Also, if this itemization option is possible...perhaps make it possible to add people
    to your buddy list using this same option... perhaps a choice of "Send message"
    "Challenge" "add to buddy list" would be good options for itemization.