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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member Alcra
    Lazy Sod
    11 Jan '05 05:53
    It would be useful to be able to see a player's "highest rating in 30 days" when seeing a list of people entered in a tournament.

    For example, in the "Rho Banded 4x4 1400-1499" tournie, there is one player with a rating BELOW 1000, but his/her "highest rating in 30 days" is over 1450!

    Being at the lower end of this band (1403), this tournament will be a lot tougher on me than the players CURRENT ratings indicate.
  2. Standard member Ouermyhte
    Muffy rocks your God
    11 Jan '05 21:52
    *house of commons style rumble of agreement*
    im playing someone in a tourny whos bout 1500 level bt didnt move for ages and is bout 1000. this is annoying, as althoguh the game is obviously about chess rather than ratings, it is nice to take pride in ur rating and when its unfairly raped it tends to irritate

  3. Standard member mateulose
    Look, it's a title!
    11 Jan '05 22:05
    It's not just in the lower banded tournies this happens folks. I'm in the 1600-1799 tourney, and some 1900's raters around Marauder's level are starting to pop up in my games so suddenly, lol.