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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber Marinkatomb
    14 Nov '04 07:16 / 1 edit
    This is a kind of 'Kung fu' sort of idea, but why not have rating belts?

    Each coloured belt exists in a rating catagory, ie...

    White <1200
    Yellow 1200-1400
    Green 1400-1599
    Purple 1600-1799
    Black 1800-2000
    Red 2000<

    Rating banded tournies could then become belt tournies. If slightly smaller tournies could be organised for each group (up to 16 players say), players could add Notches to their belts for scoring a certain result (say a minimum of 12 out of 16 score over all).

    For the players in the Highest catagory 'red', there would be Honours like RHP Master.

    It's similar to the Fide system of rankings, just a bit fluffier
  2. Standard member thire
    14 Nov '04 10:11
    Good and attractive for weaker players as well!
  3. Standard member Freddie2008
    9 Edits
    15 Nov '04 20:35
    i like it. sounds good. freddie
  4. 15 Nov '04 21:21
    Argh ! :-) Leave the ratings as they are. Since all the kids were banned off the site I dont think a bunch of middle aged men want a brown belt :-P
  5. Standard member NicolaiS
    16 Nov '04 00:53
    nooooooo .... not the brown one ... I want the red band!!!!!
  6. 16 Nov '04 01:29
    Originally posted by NicolaiS
    nooooooo .... not the brown one ... I want the red band!!!!!
    lol, im trying so hard not to make a joke from that which would get the whole thread deleted :-)