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    20 May '05
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    Staying on topic of recs and the triumphant return of the recommended posts, I was struck by a site idea. Often, while browsing the top recommended posts I will see many that I missed. Perhaps I was away for the weekend, sleeping, or was to incompetent to see it during my active time on RHP.

    Which leads me to this, I think you should be able to rec a post that appears in the recommended posts while in the recommended posts area of the site. Instead of going back to that thread and trying to find it to rec it, which I am obviously to lazy to do. The top ones that receive, oh, 4 or more recs are often ones that deserve to be recced, which is why we take the time to visit the recommended posts area of this site and read them. So others who havn't had the privalege of reading the good posts, can rec it if they so wish to while they are reading the recommended posts.