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    31 Jan '07
    07 Oct '07 08:41
    For me, this page is 3-4 screens long, and has too much of the wrong stuff in it. I would like to use it as my Home Page when I open my browser.

    Therefore I would like it to be a single screen of information with no actual lists (only jump-to links) for Recent Messages, Completed Games, Available Tournaments, and Bookmarked Games. Two of these already have these links in the My Summary section.

    NOTE: I have observed that I can hide each of the lists and I do, but the next time I open my browser they have all been opened again.

    I would like to be able to open my browser and have MyHome come up to display in its shorter form. Is this possible? or would it be possible with Firefox?
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    01 May '07
    07 Oct '07 16:25
    I agree.

    Once you hide a list I think it should remain hidden the next time you log on.