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    12 Jan '08
    27 Jan '08 22:041 edit
    Hello, I have something to say to the administrators of this online chess club and I will say it now and here.
    I play amateur OTB chess since 1978 and online chess since 1992. I visited/registered on many online chess clubs, some closed long time ago, and so. I mean, I am an experienced guy on the subject.

    This club is one of the best I ever saw. Blitz chess room is very cool and stable (and I am on a mac). Now it only need rated blitz games and rematch command. I look forward to RHP as a very successful site to play blitz too, but only if chess clients are not allowed. So, please, resist at all cost the demand users will make to allow or even build chess clients for RHP. Chess clients with attached chess engines are killing other chess servers, even the commercial and the old/venerable ones. Some users there don't even need to execute the move, the chess client do it for them. Ok, I told it. Thank you for listening.