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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber coquette
    Already mated
    29 Dec '09 06:48
    It may not be any of the general membership's business, but I'd like to see a profile of RHP. Here's a few charts that I'd find interesting:

    1. Growth of membership from day one
    2. Growth of paid membership over time
    3. Distribution of ratings
    4. Distributions of active games played over time


    I don't anticipate actually seeing these, but it didn't hurt to take the time to suggest it.
  2. 29 Dec '09 13:43
    Rec'ed. Likewise, I don't anticipate it happening, but I like the idea.

    I'd add (all against time since the start of the site):

    - Games completed per day
    - moves made per day
    - total DB size (just for a laugh)
    - new members per day or month
    - members becoming non-active per day or month
    - average rating + std. deviation
    - average rating + std. deviation of active players
    - no of active members
    - banned per month or whatever

    The main addition to what you have is the active players, e.g as in player tables : Non-movers in the last 100 days are not included.

    I'd be curious about things like are there move moves at the weekend, or in the evening, or do most people play e.g. at work.

    Division by country, and by interface site (RHP, CAW, TIG, etc) would all be interesting.
  3. 29 Dec '09 14:42
    Amount of recs
  4. 29 Dec '09 18:38
    Amount of rated and unrated games completed per day.
  5. 29 Dec '09 19:59

    Amount of checkmates delivered
    Amount of PMs sent
    Amount of emoticons used
    Amount of buddy list adds
    Amount of friendships made
    Amount of marriages


    Amount of stalemates
    Amount of modded posts
    Amount of emoticons used
    Amount of additions to ignore lists
    Amount of divorces due to RHP
    Amount of suicides
  6. Standard member zozozozo
    Thread Killing Chimp
    30 Dec '09 12:51
    Amount of heinzkat-non-sub-recs.
  7. 30 Dec '09 13:32
    Maybe 20
  8. Standard member zozozozo
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    30 Dec '09 20:32
    Originally posted by heinzkat
    Maybe 20
    When speaking in thousandfold?:p
  9. 01 Jan '10 02:07
    maybe we could also have a tax audit.