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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member flexmore
    Quack Quack Quack !
    03 Jun '05 11:55 / 1 edit
    how about a mixed up playertable which has all these players listed on the one page, and their claim to fame written next to their name:

    1/ highest rating,
    2/ the most moves,
    3/ the most wins,
    4/ the most draws,
    5/ the most losses,
    6/ highest rating, and no losses,
    7/ highest rating, and no losses and no draws,
    8/ highest rating and less than 20 games,
    9/ most tournament wins,
    10/ most games in progress,
    11/ most sieges currently held,
    12/ most forum recomendations,
    13/ most silly player name,
    14/ most moves this month,
    15/ most money donated to rhp this month,
    16/ most inconspicuous player,
    17/ something else,
    18/ another thing,
    19/ etc,
    20/ to be notified soon.
  2. 03 Jun '05 16:55
    yea a separate page with this type of info whould be fun to read
  3. Standard member rhb
    Ginger Scum
    03 Jun '05 18:03
    reminds me of the 'awards' system in the Timesplitters games.

    Good idea
  4. Standard member Phlabibit
    Mystic Meg
    03 Jun '05 18:23
    Logged On Most...
    Most Blunders...
    Biggest Rook....