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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 21 Aug '06 11:36
    In the Help pages you can read the basic rules of chess, like the piece movements, castling, en passant etc.
    But no rules of draw (as I found).

    A lot of people seems to ask about stalemates, 3rd repetistion, 50 move rule, not mating material and such, the differens between offering draw and claiming draw and how to do it...
    What about presenting theese rules as well, along with the other basic rules in the Help pages?
  2. Standard member MP
    21 Aug '06 15:34
    It's in the FAQ
  3. 21 Aug '06 21:00
    Originally posted by MP
    It's in the FAQ
    I see how to clam draw, but I don't see the rules of draw.
    Where do I miss this information...?