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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 19 Feb '07 09:27
    I'm a beginner player and I'm not exactly sure of all the rules of the game. Certain things like castling and at what point a stalemate occurs are unknown to me. For beginners, and those more experienced who wish to confirm certain aspects of the game, perhaps it might be an possible to open a RULES OF THE GAME section available on the site. If there is and I just haven't found it, someone let me know where it bloody well is.
  2. Standard member KJCavalier
    Happier Now!!
    19 Feb '07 09:52
    Glad to see you take an interest in the game, but I might recomend looking under the help file to show you the rules to the game. Piece movements, castling, en passant, win, lose amd draw. You will find them all there.

    Good luck in your games.
  3. 19 Feb '07 14:04
    Cheers mate. Much Obliged.