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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber daniv
    03 Sep '15 14:28
    In order to avoid duplicate threads (especially in site ideas), it would be useful to have the option to search by thread title
  2. Standard member elassasino
    king of vectors
    13 Sep '15 14:35
    here ( hear webmaster) here ... i was very surprised & dissappointed to see this feature missing when i tried to lookup a topic today; I mean which is more relevant the subject like castling .... or who started it ???
    Good on daniv 4 starting this ... & being a subscriber 2boot : }
    4 subscribers; there otta be some tutorials how to better use the site, a chess engine to analyze games 4 errors, ... cold cyber-biers ....
    & fwiw; i like't the old website better than the new & wish IT folks would program a toggle so we could not change as & when we see fit : }

    smothered m8tes & hastas todos
  3. Standard member patrickrutgers
    Pale Yellow Star!
    05 Oct '15 19:24
    Subject and keyword search would be great, both in the forums and in the blogs. Look at all greenpawn has produced. Would it be swell to be able to easily look up his past posts on a given trap, or a specific opening? Search ability would all the effort so much more useful. Instead it all just gets lost, like old news on Facebook. Content should be searchable.