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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 04 Nov '05 20:58
    Russ etc,

    When you have many games to be played and come across one in particular that you know is going to take sometime thinking and planning your next move, there should be an option to leave the game until last.

    When you go back into my games and play another game then press next it reverts back to the game you want to leave until later.

    Any chance of another next key or a leave until later key??

    Hope you understand what I am refering too?

    Many thanks
  2. 04 Nov '05 21:17
    click skip
  3. 04 Nov '05 21:50
    Originally posted by Coconut
    click skip

    Only just noticed that button, observation skills are as good as my game!!

    Cheers mate