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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber Brother Edwin
    7 edits
    14 Oct '04 10:52
    I would like to put forward the suggestion of signatures. They would just be little notes under peoples posts saying a line of whatever they wanted eg a quote, something about themselves etc. It is something which happens on every other forum so why not this one?
  2. Standard member Toe
    14 Oct '04 13:06
    On RHP, your "Self Proclaimed Title" text can be used for this purpose if you so wish. It is neat and keeps it brief.
    On "every other forum", the endless copies of the same old bloated signatures break up the thread: lets not make the same mistake they do.
  3. Standard member Crowley
    Not Aleister
    14 Oct '04 13:47
    I agree, it just clutters up the forum with useless text.
    Click on the person's profile to see what he/she is about.

    Keep it simple....
  4. Subscriber Brother Edwin
    7 edits
    14 Oct '04 18:26
    I agre.