1. SubscriberHegemon
    A Lost Bobby
    21 Sep '04
    26 Apr '05 12:32
    There are a significant number of really good site ideas that have been debated on this forum, and some not so good one's.

    In fact there are so many threads on this that it's getting a bit repetitive - because no-one has the time to search the forum to see if the concept has been brought up before (which most often it has). Perhaps this idea has been brought up before.

    Further, it is clear that Russ has his priority "project burn" under development which combined with general site admin duties and some non site-related workload, will take up all his time for a while. He permanently has his vacation flag on purely because he is so busy.

    I doubt very much if Russ has the time to search this forum for good ideas that he would like to prioritise.

    What I am proposing is that we work out a mechanism whereby those members willing to put in a bit of time and effort create some task forces to discuss the more appealing site-ideas and come up with some generally agreed site improvement ideas with a level of prioritisation.

    If you want to see any of these ideas get implemented rather than just talking in circles. I don't see much of an alternative.

    Your thoughts or abuse on this "idea" is welcome.