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Site Ideas 20 Apr '10 02:19
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    20 Apr '10 02:19
    I'm a bit of a stats freak and I really like the new additions to the game stats from a few months ago. That said, I'd love to know how I've performed against people of different strengths - in ranges eg 1400-1499, 1500-1599 etc.

    It probably isn't something for the profile page (it's pretty cluttered as it is) but maybe a separate stats page?
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    31 Jan '06
    20 Apr '10 15:08
    yeah i'd like that feature. i was wondering how my won/drawn/lost ratio looks when you also consider the rating of the opponents. a break down of games won/drawn/lost and e.g a graphic showing the range, concentration and avg rating of opponents in each.

    i was also thinking whether a modification of the green chart showing opponents' ratings graphically would be useful. it's one thing if i plateau because i'm winning/losing in equal measure against similarly rated players, another thing if i'm losing more than i'm winning but against stiffer competition.

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    04 Jul '06
    24 Apr '10 21:48
    I'd like the same features but a problem that I think exists to doing all that is that the player ratings in RHP are all calculated in real time.

    That is, when you win or lose a game, you might have beaten or lost to someone with a rating of 2200, but when you look at the match later, you see that you won or lost to someone whose rating might be way off that, like 400 points higher or lower. That's just how it's done.

    Therefore, the stats table would be most meaningful if you showed that you won 60% of your games with players over 1800, for instance, but the later report might show that you only won 40% of your games against players of that strength.

    Some requests have been made to ask that rating calculations be made and kept at the starting match up strength or at the closing match up strength, but that isn't how it's done. A justification for the set rating calculation - for statistical purposes - is the same as for OTB tournaments. You don't go into an OTB tournament and beat someone with a 2000 rating and then find that they later show that you only beat a player with a 1500 rating.