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    06 Feb '07 00:57
    New structure of the help menu needed.
    Too many users don't find the answes to their questions as (for example) the forums show! I think this part of the site needs to be especially user friendly.

    FAQ should be closed.
    1. Some people don't speak English well and don't know what this means. "I couldn't find it in the help section"
    2. Some peaople speak English too well and look at the FAQ only and miss the rest of the help section. "I couldn't find it in the FAQ"
    3. The FAQ has about 20 topics. It's not easy to read through all of this and if you skim through, you might miss your topic. "I couldn't find it in the FAQ"

    My suggestion:
    Make a few sections of the help menu only and easy to understand:
    Do you have a questions about...
    1. ... the rules of chess?
    2. ... your games?
    3. ... one of the symbols in the menu? (the clans need additional information about the leauges)
    4. ... your settings?
    5. ... subscribing? (This needs additional information abot alternative paying methods.)
    6. ... Your question does not fit in those 5 categories?

    I think this would make searching much easier.
    If something should be covered by several questions a simple link should do it.

    p.s. This is of course not meant as spamming. I have copied another post of mine and edited it in a way that the subject of the post should be easier to understand.