1. Standard memberMrJohn
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    20 Nov '06
    08 Jul '07 02:43
    Hello Wonderful Russ! :-)

    I have a small usability suggestion for your consideration:

    On the Board Preferences page, if you could add a "Default Board View" Option, it would be awfully nice for those of us who prefer to view the board from White's perspective, regardless of whether or not we are playing the whites.

    Oh, sure, we can always flip the board. But, if we are playing Black, we have to flip it every flipping time!

    Thanks for all of your wonderful work, Russ! :-)

    John :-)

    PS. And I'd still love to see an analysis board that could track variations like DBSchess (or, at least, let us capture the PGN for any particular variation we're trying). :-)
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    21 Jun '06
    11 Jul '07 09:02
    Totally agree. good idea!