1. Joined
    26 Apr '03
    20 Apr '10 19:56
    Here's an idea for a new feature, team games.

    Each team game (which can be a clan vs clan or an open game) has a white captain and a black captain. Each captain appoints a team or can play on his own. There may be pre-game agreements about the allowed ratings of the team members etc. Only members of the relevant clans can join clan games.

    The captains of each team do the moves, each member of the team can analyse the board. The main thing that makes it interesting, is that each team has a private message area where they can discuss tactics about the game and recommend moves to their captain. Until the end of the game these messages are visible to no-one outside the team. Each team game also has a common message board, which all team members can contribute to, and which any spectators can see.

    A team game can have the teams fixed or fluid - if fixed, the teams cannot be changed after the game is started. If fluid, the captains can allow others to join the game at any time.

    Team games have normal time limits / banks. The result does not affect individual ratings, but the results of clan team games do affect clan ratings.

    A possible enhancement would be to allow team game tournaments.

    Possible team games:

    RHP vs David Tebb
    Metallica vs Freethinkers
    Tournament Winners vs Siege Leaders
  2. SubscriberMctayto
    10 Dec '04
    20 Apr '10 20:03
    Good enough idea. At present these take place in clubs & clans on a non rated basis but tend to be complicated setting up & making the required moves as they tend to be on a move voting basis.