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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member mikelom
    26 May '13 14:42 / 1 edit

    Nope...... still can't do it.... as I edit my text here to highlight it.

  2. Subscriber Kewpie
    since 1-Feb-07
    26 May '13 17:58 / 1 edit
    I keep forgetting to do my own test - but I'm sure I've done it several times in the past. Maybe not in new format?

    {later} OK, just done it in a private forum (the beta testers) and had no problem with it. Check it yourself if you have access.
  3. Standard member SwissGambit
    Caninus Interruptus
    27 May '13 00:52
    I just edited one in a public forum. It works.