1. Account suspended
    09 Jul '04
    17 Mar '10 23:20
    first...i am not a programmer or an admin site person so what i offer here is without any understanding of the work that would be required.

    but..since there are and have been many criticisms of how the clans have been ranked may i suggest that admin choose an alternative clan ranking system and set up "CLAN PAGE NUMBER TWO" and try an experiment of a year or two with two different ways to rank the clans.

    both pages exist at the same time. the current system and any other second system that admin thinks is both feasible and productive for subscriptions and let the arrangement begin.

    one might after a year or two find the old system really works best ( but not to everyone's happiness ) or that a second ranking system is more productive of subscritions or clan competition ) ..or..keep both pages to satisfy the plethora of choice that seems to keep circulating.

    perhaps the "second page of clans" would only allow one clan per subscriber and thus we might see much more true competition if one really only could play for one identity.
  2. Standard memberMctayto
    10 Dec '04
    18 Mar '10 01:00
    If it is not broke then do not fix it
    Less than 1% of members want a change to the current clan system
    More than 1% want to see the Metallica clan die and IVV to stop spouting but neither will ever happen 😛