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    08 May '07
    18 Feb '09 19:361 edit
    The new feature is fine, but do away with the line following it. Now, it is duplicitous and just takes up space ... come to think of it I already know I am on the TIME FOR CHESS web site. Wouldn't it be revolutionary to allow the user to hide the heading title in order to pickup more space. This could be optional, maybe for registered users. The advertising is not necessary for registered users.

    Another idea: I don't use RHP because I don't like bright colors for extended periods of time. The softer tones of TFC are much better for me. How about allowing the user to set the color of the top bar menu. For example, on TFC it's green. Maybe I find some soft pastel color more acceptable. Of course, allow a default to reset the colors. Don't allow them to set all colors -- they may mess up the screen so that they can't even read it, but allow the heading colors to change, i.e., TFC, green and kaki. Space and color are important to me. I don't like big headings and bright colors.

    BTW, if I slide the left panel to the side then the table should use all of the space available. Currently, it does not replace the space provided by sliding the panel to the side.

    And the feedback sent screen does not word wrap into the text area. At present it continues rolling off the screen and is truncated. 🙂