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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member KingH
    Tha KingH
    21 Sep '05 06:44

    I would like to have "the timebank days remaining" in numbers in the "My Game" view, without having to click on every single game to get the pop-up with the info.

    So the My Games view would need extra collumns MT(movetimeout), IT(Initial Timebank), W(white) and B(black).

    It´s not an overload of requests to the server, as you are sending this info already as the pop-up appear without connecting to the server.
    So it would only be an adjustment to the layout of the View on the "My Games" page.

    I don´t want to click to see the information(it´s not handy and with RSI/hand constraints its cumbersome)
    I can choose faster what game needs my attention when I have not that much time to play all games that day, and I need to choose what game first will be in the "danger zone" regarding timebank days left.

    I hope this is a small change, but would bring the info in the "My Games" to an even beter level. :-)

    Still loving this site! :-)

    Marcel. aka KingH
  2. 26 Sep '05 20:21
    Great idea!
  3. 28 Sep '05 18:11