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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member rhb
    Ginger Scum
    11 Dec '05 21:55
    This shows little yellowy clock dot against games where it is my move and the timebank is reducing. It'd be useful to see this (or similar) against games where it is my opponents move so I don't have to click on 'Info' against each game to find out if the timebank is being used up.

  2. 12 Dec '05 03:42
    stop being lazy
  3. Standard member rhb
    Ginger Scum
    12 Dec '05 21:20
    I'm not being Lazy. Should my request be fulfilled then I will be able to Laze to my hearts content.
  4. 14 Dec '05 17:14
    A good indication of when the timebank is being used up is to look for the games where the reminder option is on, but this is obviously not the case for all timeouts.

    Perhaps a little green clock would work well, so you didnt get your timebanks and opponents time banks confused.