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    03 Apr '06
    25 Dec '08 18:13
    Dear Russ,

    I know that you are always very busy and that the recent addition of conditional moves has required a great deal of work. The conditional moves and opening library are very useful and generous features. However, it seems that there is one slightly more important. That is the option of timeout zero. This function already exists and was used in certain tournaments. It seems logical, therefore, to offer the same option for normal games. Also, since the feature already exists in certain tournaments, it can't take long to modify the code for all games. Is it reasonable to hope that this feature will be added to RHP within a minimal delay?

    Best regards and thank you for your wonderful site I enjoy everyday.
  2. Standard memberpatrickrutgers
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    29 Sep '08
    29 Dec '08 14:06
    as mention in another thread, this would be an excellent option in clan challenges as well.