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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Standard member randolph
    the walrus
    14 Dec '08 03:12
    I would like it if Russ would lay out a clear policy as to what happens to the rating points of banned users. Sometimes, as with English Tal and others, the ratings of the banned player simply stay as they are. Other times, as with clivestraddle, the ratings are allowed to be cannibalized and their opponents receive rating boosts. It seems have some who were in losing positions vs engines suddenly gain 32 rating points while others who were in winning or drawing positions get none at all.
  2. 15 Dec '08 04:29
    I understood that no one gets rating points from banned engine users.

    If they were banned for another reason, I'm not too sure - I thought the same applied.

    {waiting for official clarification}