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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. Subscriber noxidjkram
    Anal(yst) Programmer
    24 Oct '04 15:06

    Any chance of having pictures uploadable to the RHP site rather than referenced from another web location??

    I don't have a web-location for my pictures and that means I can't participate by showing people a piccy representing me....

    If web-server space is an issue, you could place a size limitation on pictures..

  2. Standard member thire
    24 Oct '04 15:39
    you can send me your picture and I host it for you!
  3. Subscriber noxidjkram
    Anal(yst) Programmer
    24 Oct '04 16:04
    Thanks to Thire!

    My pictures are now hosted and are available for the site!

    Russ, I still think this facility would be useful for the site!