04 Sep '04
    27 Aug '09 12:20
    Why if I have a game that has gone into timebank does it not show at the top of the list as being more urgent?

    I now find that some games with 3/3 moves are classed as more urgent than a 1/7 which I hadn't moved in and entered timebank.

    I think the urgent games should show as

    those which have entered timebank
    then those with the least time to move per game
    then those with the least available timebank pror to timeout

    Any thoughts?
  2. Joined
    26 Apr '03
    27 Aug '09 20:13
    Possibly best implemented by adding a few more sortable columns (and having consecutive sorts sum like in excel), then you could get approximately the ordering you want and everyone else would get the ordering they wanted. I don't know if it is already, but probably also best if the sort order selected by each user is remembered over logout/login.