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Site Ideas Forum

Site Ideas Forum

  1. 06 Jun '05 20:47
    Change the vacation flag so a player cannot move while they have the vacation flag up and a player cannot time them out when it is up.
  2. Standard member Aiko
    Nearing 200000...!
    06 Jun '05 21:10
    I don't really see the need for the first wish.
    And I do not think the last one is a wise idea; the match can potentially be unable to end.
  3. 06 Jun '05 21:32
    You ae correct. That is why the vacation flag should be removed.
    Thank you for the support.
  4. Standard member chris stephens
    i'll decide!
    06 Jun '05 21:34
    check out vacation flags and all that jazz futher down the page for possible solutions
  5. 06 Jun '05 22:01
    Yes, I just read the thread. The vacation flag has been a problem for others besides myself.
    Why get so upset with losing a a game of chess while playing online? Play by the rules that are available.
    I would like to see the rules be as close to the rules when two peolpe play face to face. Time limits are imposed but I don't think vacation time is.
    This is online chess, and I would like it to be as close to face to face play. Vaction time outs are a bad idea.
  6. 06 Jun '05 22:07
    That is vacation flags are a bad idea.
  7. 06 Jun '05 22:18
    To your first point this used to be the case, but there was one major problem. You get back from vacation, you turn off your "on vacation" setting so you can move and suddenly people start taking the time out win as you do not have your vacation flag up anymore!!!

    On the second point, far too many people abuse the vacation setting, and think its a don't time me out flag even though I am playing 200 other games and not yours which I am losing.

    The vacation flag was a good idea ruined by people either ignoring it or abusing it. It is now irrelevant. I would personally suggest revisiting what it was for, allowing people to have a holiday without losing loads of games.

    Maybe everyone having 30 days a year, during this time you can not be timed out. Once your 30 days is up...tough.

  8. 06 Jun '05 22:47
    I agree on on your comments. I was surprised that vacation flags are a problem to others besides myself. At this time I am making it clear in my game offerings that I do not respect the vacation flag. It might sound rude to some, but I am being upfront about my ideas about the vacation flag. RHP or anyother on-line chess sight will not be the same as playing face to face. So, there will be unresolved problems. I intend to play on and let my challengers know what my conditons to play are. Basically, "Subscribers only, no vacation flag".

    The sight is not perfect, I am not perfect and no player here is perfect. Let's have fun. Daniel
    P.S Don't call me a bad name if I time you out because of the Vacation Flag