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    11 Nov '13 20:06
    I'm belatedly endorsing Coquette's suggestion that the site provide information about what vacation days a player has booked. If there is some concern that this information would somehow be too revealing, the change could be limited to showing when a "currently booked and happening" vacation is presently scheduled to expire.

    Although some commenters stated this information would be useless, I disagree. The information is only potentially useless -- but it is also potentially useful. What I mean is, the info might be useless if the vacation end-date were to change -- but it could be useful if the date didn't change.

    For example, consider this situation: I'm playing in a "quick" tournament that is supposed to move along at something faster than a snail's pace. Most of the games have already finished, and most of the games that haven't finished are on move 40-something. But in one match-up, both of the games are stuck at move 10 or 11, with one player on vacation and no timebank remaining.

    So then, I would like to know: is the vacationing player scheduled to resume play tomorrow, or does he/she have another 3 weeks of vacation booked? The skeptic might ask, "What difference does it make?"

    One answer is, it's a good indication of how long it's likely to take for this round of the tournament to wrap up. And, for players that are trying to limit their number of current games, that factor could be important in deciding whether to enter another tournament right away. There are probably other ways the info could be useful.

    In any event, even if the information is only useful for satisfying idle curiosity, where's the harm? Like, what difference does it really make what country a player is from? Etc.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughtful responses.
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    Originally posted by Carl Corey
    IThe information is only potentially useless --
    SOLD! 😵