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    26 Aug '04
    19 Dec '04 23:15
    It will be interesting, when an anti-cheating mod is finally intoduced, what the REAL ratings will be. We can biatch and moan about JW, but the fact of the matter is, there are probably about 100 JW's, beleive me, there is.

    Players who had career crappy ratings who suddenly get around my advanced intermediate rating within a month when they get their new toy, and steal pts and progress from us. There are so many players like this, it just gets annoying and irrating, I've already found dozens of them just from randomly looking and analyzing games.

    To be honest, most guys I have played are fair players, although some I wonder, but at the very least, it's very possible these cheats stole pts away from some of the players I lost to, making their rating lower then it should and making me lose more pts per loss. The massive middle-rating cheating that is presently going on in RHP, is ruining it for anyone legitamently around that rating who after some time on RHP, want to say, "I've improved", and beleive me, it's hard to go from say, 1600 to 1800-1900, without cheaters.

    It will be VERY INTERESTING to see the new list, I suspect a lot of farmiliar faces on the top may go (I will not name names, last time I did this I got into crap, a lot of top players are clan leaders and superstars, so), and some new heroes may suddenly emerge. Not because they suddenly cheated, but because the cheaters disrupted them upgrading their rating competetively and legitamently on RHP.
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    29 Dec '03
    20 Dec '04 04:48
    Aaaand I suppose you fashion yourself as one of these new-era heroes?

    Now taking nominations for anti-heroes, if this sad state of affairs does in fact come to pass.