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    I would like to know if anyone here thinks either:
    1. muffy exists
    2. this cannot be proven: ["Muffy exists" = false]

    I think the majority of people would agree with the second statement moreso than the first. However, both statements 1. and 2. are false. And if anyone here expresses interest, I will prove it. I will prove it with the assumption that the Bible is true, because when I heard a description of muffy, the muffin assumed that God ("of the Bible"😉 did exist and was attempting to prove that muffy co-exists with Him (apparently to make God seem like a lesser-than-He-is).

    When I get the time (and in 14 days I am going on a 15 month vacation) I will show how both logic and science prove that God does exist.

    Also, if anyone still believes in the primative "big bang theory" or "theory of evolution" I don't have a problem showing why it is impossible for them to be true.

    All my proofs will be using logic and science; I will not skip equations (which I have just done in this statement; let me elaborate to explain what I mean). If it was mathematics I would not say simply 2³=8: I would go through the baby steps and say 2³=2·2·2=4·2=2·4=8. Obviously, most of us are intelligent enough to look at 2³ and know the answer without going through these simple sequences. However, when more complex equations come in, it becomes increasingly difficult to know the answer intuitively and work out why. People are simply unimaginably (for us) stupid to compare to a being who knows everything.

    Just ignore what I wrote below this, it's trash.

    Did you read what I said?

    Apparently you're not listening.

    You won't think anything of it anyways.

    This is fun for me.

    Is it fun for you?

    Apparently you believe one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    Can you find the spelling error?

    Do you know how many bullets are in between these statements?

    Don't tell me you counted!

    It's useless, you'll never get there.

    Does each of these statements have the same amount of dots in between?

    Hey plumber (and you know I am talking about you, plumber) if you stumble over here you have came to the right place: here's some advice: stick to plumbing (and take the implications)

    I'm going to take all your bandwith, Russ

    Almost there…

    This is a waste of your time…

    …Why don't you go read the Bible?

    Wow, that was a close one…


    Bowmann and mickamillion:

    Did you get the part where I'm going on vacation?

    Maybe you can win

    If you move slowly enough

    Anyone else, feel free to message Dr. Bowmann/mickamillion!

    as for you felldancer

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    As it turns out my post was trimmed

    You poor thing resigned not long ago! Patience pays off, you would have won! Yet another reason to not resign

    see http://www.redhotpawn.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=25156

    Persistence also pays off but

    Sometimes the reward isn't worth it. Sometimes the pursuit is the climax

    I'm not sure if this post is too long for the website to handle. I guess I'll find out.

    You already know, but I "was" (am?) speaking from the past

    To be continued…
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    {some speculation about what I said [which is off-topic (and probably unintersting to most)]: When reading, I often find the author is repeating the same ideas with different statements. This can mean either the author has a deep understanding, or just thinks all her readers are idiots (of course there are more than these two possibilities). Although it can make it easier for the reader to follow the "train of thought" of the author and reinforce what the reader knows from the previous statements, sometimes it simply wastes time. For example, now (what I have written above and below this; the essay in it's entirety!). See how useless this statement is? Anyways, I wanted to ask if my baby steps were too small (I hate baby steps). Here is goes: Are my baby steps too small?†}
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