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  1. 25 Jan '06 13:56
    ...i have found a lost bible mansucript...the Book of answers
    all the questions mankind has asked about "problems in the bible"...
    it is like the Book of Thomas...short one to two line messages...from
    time to the archivist allows...i will release the Book of Harold..when i am done this forum can then close.....
  2. 25 Jan '06 14:05
    ...yes...i did put this in the wrong forum...i have only had two cups
    of coffee....or maybe not...the Book of Harold may have a message
    about clans...probably clans are the devil's work and they will come
    to an end when all are enlightened thru the Book of Harold...hmmm...
    maybe i should just post the Book of Harold here...i could help you all
    to be better people ( is it possible for any of you to be better people ? that is a conumdrum....)...anyway...i will ask the
    archivist if there is any reference to stupidity in the Book of Harold
    and that is where i will probably find rhp clan members ( oh, yes, i
    do run Der Lagerfeuer and I am in Wellington but that is only because
    i must walk among the clans to reach them....( i usually do take a bath in the river after each clan move )...anyway..back to my coffee...
    the third cup is on the way...wwhheeee !
  3. 25 Jan '06 15:23 / 2 edits
    ...oh, the moderator moved my post to the correct
    i cannot bother with a diatribe on the clans...i will have to start in on
    the whiskey drinkers...anybody out there holding a shot glass ?