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    10 Nov '12
    20 Dec '14 01:30
    When you listen to your spirit, how does it make you feel about chess? Do you feel fit to burst with delightful, childlike enthusiasm? Indulge in a secret inner smile when you become suddenly aware that you enjoy this impeccably pedigreed game? Resign yourself with absent-minded irritability to thankless toil with no prospect of true spiritual reward? Or reach a zen-like state of inner calm, where elegant mathematical logic and spatial reasoning conspire to infuse your spirit with almost indescribable feeling?

    How does playing chess compare or relate to the other spiritual aspects of your life? Does it help you meditate or pray? Do you sometimes, voluntarily or involuntarily, visualise chess boards while you are praying or meditating, or simply trying to relax?

    If you don't find playing chess remotely spiritual, please don't reply: I'm interested in hearing from people who, when playing, feel some spiritual flow, however seldom. If you can, please use your own words, as only you can express how you really feel.