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    New anthropological findings of the Dnalgne tribes 4year ritual festival!

    This ritual only occurs once every 4 years and involves the general society daubing their face with white paint and then painting a red cross in the middle..

    Excessive amounts of food are eaten and large amounts of intoxicants are imbibed within this ritualistic festival..

    The Dnalgne tribe pray to the head of the ritual 'The Dnalgne reganam' who has 11 disciples who play out a ritualistic dance for 90 minutes with an oppossing tribe such as the Yalti or Niaps .....

    The totem used is of a spherical shape and made of animal hide, every ritual disciple may only touch this sacred object with his feet except for one particulr member of each tribe, the Dnalgne tribe name this one person the Eilaog' and it is to the Eilaog that the responsibility falls to stop the spherical animal hide enterting the protected ritual area known as 'The Loag'

    The members of each tribe watch the ritual performance and learn their cultures ethos spelt out in a collective as they shout, scream and sometimes cry if the spherical animal object know as the 'Llab' enters their sacred ritual area 'Loag'.

    It seems this tribe and the others that form this collective ritual practice are very aggressive and ethnocentric only ubderstanding their own tribes culture and not appreciating any other world views. Competition is a strong ethos and makes these people blind with a need to outperform the other tribes 11 ritual disciple unit named the 'maet'.

    The maet who managers to get the 'llab' into the oppossing maet's sacred area known as the Loag, wins the ritual dance and goes on to compete against another maet until finally their stands one tribe whio is named the 'Renniw' and they receive a large vessel of gold named the 'pucdlrow' and much celebration goes on within the tribes regional area named a 'yrtnuoc'. The people of this planet do not share their space but divide it into a yrtnuoc's, although they are the most intelligent animal of their planet they too like animals are very territorial and will defend this space even if it means their death believing that their particular yrtnuoc has a better philosophy of living than others. these are very primal people, my study continues.

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