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    Fail to solve the existing life issues, how can it get solved during afterlife?

    Author :Chang Kai-Chi 張開基

    This is the news today: Look at the Tibet monks led by the Dalai Lama-- the Tibetan exiled religious leader in Dharamsala, India. They are all chubby and happy, obviously way better-shape than the Indians poverty citizens. Usually, they are well maintained and having better life style other than most of Tibetan compatriots;

    Think about it; except the outside world living is better than Tibet-- the believers of the Pure-Land (especially strongly believed from Taiwan's stalwarts) are enchanted by the Tibetan lama's paintings of "willing to achieve" and "the bliss of the world" with financially generously supported. These lamas are daily resting well, doing nothing hard, only sit and chant, eat well whole day and might even to consider the weight control ----------

    Is there really precious from these Tibet secret teaching? It really exists great supernatural power to fulfil people’s "wish"?

    The "Lotus Tuas" in about 750 AD, from India's "Nalong Temple" through East India into Tibet, the introduction of Tantric Buddhism to Tibet as secret teaching initiations--so far in 1300, how much has Tibet changed? Is it richer? Is it stronger? Has the basic life of the Tibetan people generally improved?

    Tibet is sparsely populated and has few products. It is necessary to invest more labor to improve life. As a result, a lama, to chanting and not production plus to consume the support from the poor people. It takes a lot of time to turn the blessing wheel, the five body extremes to worship the land, to pilgrimage to the mountains, to support the lama--------- so the standard of living remains unchanged for a thousand years. Before the Dalai Lama fled Tibet, there were many serfs who were extremely poor.

    The Tibet issue has never been resolved. If it can be solved via religious beliefs, it has been solved more than a thousand years ago. The 1300 years have passed through the full chanting, providing the best examples of the world: Religion can't solve the real problems of the world!

    Therefore, these vested Lama classes continue to numb the Tibetans with cheap “mental opium” about the afterlife: this life is illusory and there is no need to be persistent. As long as you are loyal to the Buddha, you will be able to reinforce the world of bliss and no longer suffer, just be persistent on chanting. The more you chant the more you will reincarnate to the world of bliss, and the higher the chance of suffering from reincarnation (not getting into animal or insect worlds, or even hell, etc). Therefore, as long as you believe in it, you must be covered with the five-color "Tianma flag". After reading the scriptures; the Tibetan people have a "bible wheel", which is wrapped in a scroll, and once it is turned by hand, it means reading the scroll one time.

    Some lamas said: As long as there is no doubt to chant a mantra for 3 million times-- after death, you can directly reincarnate the world of bliss, and immortality will be enjoyed forever. However, he has not visited by himself; how he can guarantee it even he might never practice it?

    If you turn these “bible wheel”, it inclines that you have finished the chanting one time, and there are such a short-cut things: why not equip it with high-speed motor (the motor speed of a small grinder is 3,000 rpm), as long as 1000 minutes can be equal to 3 million. Once, it will take only 16.7 hours to finish; then this would only take a day to reincarnate the world of bliss, that's so nice! However, Tibetans seem have no idea to adopt this measure so could expedite via motor applications.

    After Buddha belief for 1300 years--it still cannot solve the real world problems of the present life such as poverty. Can you believe that it can solve the afterlife problems? It is really foolish to use this ignorant method to seek the afterlife in such short life. Ignorance is worse than other species; if a caterpillar can speak; it does not believe that it is guaranteed to turn around. If the Taiwanese would believe tin his kind of singularity and donate a lot of money to support these lamas for an unknowable afterlife, it would be as ridiculous as the billionaire to beg for 10 blocks from the beggar.

    Look at those photos as counter-evidence--the original set of Tibet religious belief is useless, and religion has never solved the Tibet issue! It can't solve the problem of the world, nor the problem of Taiwan's stagnation, not even mention the problem of the afterlife!

    News content: The exiled Tibetans held the chief executive election yesterdayand the young lamas lined up in front of the Dharamsala polling station showed a naive and happy expression. Choosing a new political leader will also stand up and fight for freedom from the CCP. (AFP)

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