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  1. Standard member RBHILL
    Acts 13:48
    27 May '16 14:34
  2. Standard member finnegan
    27 May '16 18:49
    Was this the post you were referring us to?

    List of items somehow lost

    Abraham’s staff
    Moses’ staff (said to be the same one)
    Ark of the Covenant
    Noah’s Ark
    Evidence of the Flood
    Ten Commandments
    Garden of Eden
    Valley of the Shadow of Death
    The house of God (twice)
    Any scripture written before Nebuchadnezzar
    Evidence of King David
    Judah (twice)
    The line of David
    The holy grail
    The Tower of Babel
    Evidence of Solomon
    The temple of Solomon
    The day of the sabbath
    Records of Jesus’ trial
    Mary and Joseph’s census by Rome
    Evidence or records of the ten plagues
    Any evidence of any miracle by God – by Jesus – by any god
    The power of prayer
    The power of sacrifice
    The true and correct meaning of any passage in scripture
    Open two way communication between men and gods / God
    Evidence of demons
    Evidence of angels
    Any special knowledge actually shared by Jesus
    Evidence that there was an intelligent designer

    All these were said to exist but are now lost

    Actually the list was longer but I could not cut & paste so I got tired. It might be interesting to add further examples, such as evidence for the Massacre of the Innocents.