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    24 Sep '02
    05 Apr '06 21:43
    Whats the feeling the on the Eastern Guru mystic type ? I've been fascinated with them for years now. Thirty years ago I got involved with the Transcendental Meditation movement and since that time
    I've been interested with the special abilitys that some of these so called enlightened men have. I have experienced things on an obviously subject level that

    convince me that something is going on with some individuals that is very powerful. I also know that way to many of these Guru types are nothing but side shows, and a complete scam. I know longer am involed with any kind of meditation practice, and I have lost most of my faith in what this path can bring. I cannot say what yogic practices actual do on a scientific level but there
    is something that happens if you seriously give it a shot.
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    28 Feb '06
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    Originally posted by buckky
    Whats the feeling the on the Eastern Guru mystic type ?
    Osho was a bit of a naughty boy from all accounts, but Thich Nhat Hahn has a good reputation amongst my Buddhist friends..