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    12 Apr '04
    16 Sep '06 23:29
    Originally posted by 7ate9
    my common bonding in Jesus with Mr. Bush, as I do not consider people like Bush have a place in Jesus...

    Through vengence he has dished 'evil' onto innocent people in Iraq by allowing and encouraging anything to destroy that nation.

    He has taken little to no time for those people above the poor expectations of those MI around him, proving he doesn't ev ...[text shortened]... orce Mr. Bush from my common bonding in Jesus, then be sure to let me know.(a.s.a.p.)!
    Ever heard of separation of church and state?
  2. Standard memberDavid C
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    09 Sep '04
    17 Sep '06 00:12
    Originally posted by Remora91
    Ever heard of separation of church and state?
    Yeah, well...YOU try to get elected to office in Amerikkka without the requisite photo-ops at a Church. Separated, right... 😵