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    By a Judge!

    I found this article this morning and it will set a precidence as to whether or not there can be life after death.



    Landlord sues restaurant owners who refuse 'haunted' building
    Associated Press
    September 8, 2005 HAUNTED0909
    ORLANDO, Fla. — The owners of a Japanese restaurant who claim their newly renovated Florida building is haunted are being sued by their landlord for refusing to move in.

    A $2.6 million lawsuit asks a judge to decide whether the building is haunted and, if so, whether the ghosts would interfere with the restaurant's business. The suit by the owners of the Church Street Station entertainment complex in Orlando also says an offer to hold an exorcism was refused.

    An attorney says Christopher and Yoko Chung had planned to move in last October but balked after subcontractors gave several documented reports of having seen ghosts or apparitions at night. The attorney also says Christopher Chung's religious beliefs require him to "avoid encountering or having any association with spirits or demons.''