Lesson 6

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Spirituality 02 Nov '10 19:53
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    More on illusion.

    Illusion is to accept as truth untruth, and science is the forerunner in this area.

    Science apart from pulling stuff to pieces to find out what makes it work, is meant to seek out truth....the truth of existence, but how do they do this?

    Well firstly they establish themselves as the all knowing authority by their empirical process of acquiring knowledge by inventing imperfect equipment (telescopes and microscopes and radar) and then they look through their imperfect devices with their imperfect eyes and senses, and postulate with their imperfect brain.....and this is how they come to gather all their imperfect knowledge of the world.

    This process is imperfect and therefore adding to the illusion of their imperfect knowing.

    They have concluded by this imperfect process that there is no spiritual reality, and that they are themselves products of the material energy only, without cause or purpose, but just an accident.....a miracle!

    In their illusion they invent an imperfect therory about the existence of all the species including man, and without evidence or proper understanding they force this therory onto the public, claiming they are keepers of the truth but not even knowing who they themseves are.

    Thinking falsely and being under illusion, they believe that dead matter has the ability to come alive and animate itself into usefull forms of functionality and purpose, but when asked to create one little ant in their laboratory they cannot do it.

    They have no answer to the existence of the cosmos and its complex laws, but they refuse to acknowledge a spiritual factor saying they cant see it, but all the while they accept many things in their science wich they cant see.

    How scientific is it to only accept phenomenon that one can see only with these imperfect eyes and senses....is that scientific?

    At present they are saying that the basis of everything in existence is String Therory which they havent seen, so how much further is it to accept a spiritual factor which is supported and explained in the Vedic teachings as the underlying cause of all manifested and unmanifested phenomenon.

    They cant explain the existence of mind, intelligence, free will, cognition, emotions, awareness, thinking, life, because of their imperfect empirical method of science.

    When will they accept the perfect method of learning about higher dimensions of life (the spiritual) by the perfect process of the descending method of acquiring higher knowledge.

    Science refuses to acknowledge another reality or dimension, the spiritual reality, but they have concluded that other dimensions are possible.

    Because of their atheistic nature, they refuse to adopt the descending method and submit to authority because they are puffed up with self authority and are in illusion.

    They believe falsely that they are the supreme authority and keepers of the truth, but they cannot explain what life is, even their very own life, and they continue to mislead the world with false therories and knowledge.

    The whole world is in a terrible condition, because no one is living the spiritual life, and false science is a direct cause of the atheistic tendencies of the people, by their disacknowledgement of God and the spiritual nature of the living beings.

    Most technology science is acceptable to a degree, but science has lost its way and is the main cause of atheism and out of control consummerism.
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    Originally posted by vishvahetu
    More on illusion.
    More on copy/paste you mean....