Lesson 8

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Spirituality 13 Nov '10 08:54
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    more about illusion

    Go to the future 10 million years and what do you find...where are all the buildings and bridges, and cars, and boats and computers and TV,s and people?

    All these things are dust in the wind, and are ultimately energy, because when the dust is reduced,... it becomes formless energy, and when it is reduced once more, it becomes unmanifested potental in the body of the Lord.

    So where are you amongst all this?

    You surely cannot be dust in the wind, but so many believe they are, and this is the great illusion of this world, where we find great persons with university degrees in science and phycology who actually accept the illusion and live by it every day of their life.

    Tell this person that they are something much more than dust in the wind, and that dust cannot animate itself, and they will mock you.

    The dust called the body, is animated by the spiritual being within (atma) and the atma is eternal and has no beginning or end, and it is characterized by identity, free will, consciousness, thinking, feeling, willing and awareness. (life)

    Scientists and atheists say that dust is the source of all these qualities of life, but any honest sane man knows that this is absurd, but these people because of defective intelligence will hold fast to their absurd dogma, so as to give themselves free running to lord it over the material world.

    Because of illusion which covers their reasoning, they reject the existence of the spiritual soul and God, and say they are nothing more than dust.
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    Originally posted by vishvahetu
    more... illusion

    Go to the ...TV...because ... it becomes formless energy...manifested... in the body ...

    So ... live ... every day ...by... absurd dogma... reject the existence of ... dust.
    Oh you're claiming to know the future now? Somehow this doesn't surprise me.