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    03 Feb '12
    21 Feb '12 23:38

    Just wondering if anyone wants to play a game sometime? I’ve been having fun here but I want to improve as a player so I would like to play more opponents in my skill level or slightly above. My skill level is somewhere in the low 1300’s and so far here I have mostly played people around 1200 or lower. My rating is 1413 but this will go down as I play more games.

    I am a Christian female teenager from Canada and would like to play people who are similar to me if there are any but even if you are different I am not going to say that I won’t play a game with you. Okay? I have five available games because I haven’t subscribed here so please send me a private message and I’ll remember to send you an invite someday even if I can’t immediately play because I’ve decided to play someone else.


    ps. I don't want to argue about religious stuff.