1. Donationbuckky
    Filthy sinner
    Outskirts of bliss
    24 Sep '02
    18 Aug '08 16:50
    Has anyone had one of the near death experience's that so many seem to have of seeng the tunnel, and a bright light at the end, and other odd but uplifting things taking place ?
    Years ago I had a drug induced experience that seemed like more than a drug experience. The Unity of existence seemed obvious for a few minutes then I slipped back into the normal constricted state of mind that haunts us all.
    Who knows what these things are, but it sure is fascinating when you hear of such happenings.
  2. Standard memberpatauro
    25 Sep '06
    18 Aug '08 23:32
    Yes, I've had an NDE, as they are commonly called. It really changed my like forever and in a positive way.