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    20 May '10
    28 Nov '14 00:59
    Pat Condell is a man who is speaking many things that I am also believing.

    Apparently I have been told by the forum moderators that I cannot speak about Islam and Muslims the way I have.

    However Pat Condell is speaking the truth about Islam and false religion on my behalf

    So for an entertaining time about truth .......just go to YOU-TUBE and look up the following titles.

    Pat Condell/more demands from Islam. (about 6 minutes)

    Pat Condell/welcome to Saudi Britain. (about 7 minutes)

    Pat Condell/apologists for evil (about 5 minutes)

    Pat Condell/why I support Israel. (about 7 minutes)

    Pat Condell/A word to rioting Muslims. (about 6 minutes)

    Pat Condell/freedom go to hell. (about 7 minutes)

    Pat Condell/the arrogance of the clergy (about 6 minutes)

    ---------- -------------- ------------------

    Pat Condell is now my favourite atheist and he has many more offerings of the same.

    I would like to know from persons in this forum what they think about the Pat Condell talks.

    I am not asking what they think of Pat Condell.......but what they think of the content.