1. Donationkirksey957
    With White Women
    31 Jul '01
    16 Mar '07 22:06
    I do believe God can put words in your mouth and I believe He guided me in what to say to Paula White ministries. She had been going on and on abut the number "7" and it being a very spiritual number. I hope Vistesd will comment on this. Anyway she cited all these references in the Bible about the number 7. She wanted people to send her $77 dollars because it was a spiritual amount, so I decided to call and support her understanding of the blessed number "7". I did it in my thickest black voice.

    PWM: Paula White Ministries, may I help you?

    Me: Hello der. Thank you so much fo takin my call.

    PWM: How may I help you , sir?

    Me: Well, I was just listen to Paula talk about the number 7 and all and I really felt she was in the spirit if you know what I mean.

    PWM: Yes, she is a spirit filled woman. Would you like to make a donation?

    Me: Well I was thinking about that number 7 and it just hit me that I was lookin at her at the 7 oclock hour. At that strange. I said to myself, "there it is the number 7."

    PWM: Would you like prayer?

    Me: Well there's mo. I have me 7 blessed childrens.

    PWM: That's wonderful , sir. I'm sure you are proud of them.

    Me: Oh I is. I is truly blessed. And I'll tell you another time I was truly blessed and I felt the spirit. I did my wife 7 times in one day. It was a miracle.

    PWM: Sir, I'm going to hang up on you. (click)