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    13 Apr '06
    29 Nov '06 20:47
    Is this world perfect?

    There arent too many ways to look at it i think, two are from a non-believer's perspective and the other two are from believer's.
    As far as i can understand, if you are not a believer in God, you cannot usually believe this world is perfect, rather a nice coincidence. However for believers there are two points of view:
    1. This is a perfect world as it was created by a perfect Being
    2. This isnt perfect because evil is present and that goes against the very definition of perfect.

    I dont understand this second argument. In my opinion, perfect is a description of something which fulfills it's purpose to the best it can be done. Eg. a perfect knife, though capable of evil, would cut anything it is intended to cut with the greatest efficiency and ease, whilst being strong, light and durable etc. So in short, the knife does anything that should be required of it perfectly and so is perfect. If God, or any sort of Controller of the universe, was to create this world and have a specific purpose in mind how would we know that this world doesnt fulfill that need perfectly?
    I do not understand how people can argue that this world cannot be perfect, i understand how people can think it isnt, but not try and prove it isnt.
    I might be missing something... so can anyone add anything to what iv said to clarify or side with me?