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  1. 07 Jun '08 12:53
  2. 08 Jun '08 06:17
    Originally posted by josephw
    Points 1-3 are old arguments which are clearly flawed, which I'm sure you know.

    Points 4-5 are a complete joke, is you think this comes close to proof for god.

    I truely hope you are a theist who is able to laugh at oneself.


    It maybe worth offering an opinion to your many weblink only posts.
  3. Standard member shavixmir
    Guppy poo
    08 Jun '08 06:26
    4. Does God exist? To state with certainty that there is no God, a person has to ignore the passion of an enormously vast number of people who are convinced that there is a God.

    The passion of an enormously vast number of people 700 years ago were convinced that the Earth was flat...

    But I agree with the previous poster. All you're doing is posting crap without even adding something humorous or so to it.
  4. 08 Jun '08 06:47
    No evidence in there what so ever!!!!!
  5. 08 Jun '08 06:50
    Originally posted by josephw
    Number 4 is not even a proof. It is a rhetorical ploy.
  6. 08 Jun '08 06:55
    Originally posted by josephw
    i got as far as number 1 then gave up - it is not a valid reason to claim god exist - the universe is never ending, made up of billions upon billions stars and planets.... one planet of a billion billion is gonna be right for us
  7. 16 Jun '08 16:16
    Originally posted by josephw
    #1: The Earth is not perfect. Gravity has made it spherical, not some otherworldly being.

    #2-#6: All have been proven conclusively wrong by great scientific minds. And #4 - what on Earth does that have to do with anything? If I want to be atheist that's my choice, not the other 6.5 billion people's on the planet.