1. Standard memberEAPOE
    Earl of Rochester
    Restoration London
    22 Dec '05
    13 Oct '07 00:50
    Silent night, Red hot night
    All is calm, all is bright
    On Red Hot Pawn tonight
    Greatest web chess site.
    Play online in peace.
    Play online in peace.

    Silent night, Red Hot night!
    God bother's quake and sigh
    Wanten and feeble they try
    Earthly ghosts whisper from below!
    Christ, there is no truth.
    Christ, there is no truth

    Silent night, online night
    Easy to be passive to sure plight
    In the face of ignorant light
    The lost redeem with haste
    History is their light
    History is their Plight

    Ah. . .men
  2. Club 64
    03 Sep '06
    13 Oct '07 01:031 edit
    Too much free time, but that was an interesting rendition of the song...