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    22 Mar '07
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    Here is a little promotion for some great discussion that can take place at my friends blog. She has posted two articles this past week. They are:

    1. "Stevie's Jesus." This is about the British poet "Was He Married," which is less about Jesus' marital status and more about the irreconcilable tensions Stevie find in being asked to believe in a Being Jesus, who is both human and divine. Some discussion has already begun on this one, and you Christians might enjoy contributing.

    2. "Humanity is Common Ground." This is about Giovanni Guareshchi's "Don Camillo tales," and particularly his short story called "The Meeting" in which a represetnative of the Liberal Party comes to give a speech in the town Square of a Communist Mayor's community.

    The blog address is http://kakistocrat.blogsome.com/