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    13 Nov '03
    07 Nov '05 01:16
    I would like to start another thread with no communication between each other for the purpose of dedicating whatever you wish to write for loved one's lost to suicide.
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    18 Jan '05
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    William Tidd was a friend I got brought up with during my school years and was a quiet friendly natured person.He never went to church like I did or 4 years at the church school I attended and he lacked the supportive network I once had.As we grew up our friendship grew and at times he would ask me about Jesus,so I would tell him little bits of what I knew and a big smile would cover his face.Without him even going to church I knew he absolutely loved Jesus and I reckon this is why so many pretty girls would chase him around.I guess they just wanted to know what made him tick....Jesus did and that's who I introduced him to.

    -After we finished our school years William started a factory job and started smoking some weed as he had become friends with a drug dealer there.He changed into a different person and became rapidly mentally ill and nobody knew why.He would walk up to some of our friends and even total strangers and point to his head saying"It's up here man....it's up here".Most people would just laugh at him so he would smash them in the head.His friends started to disappear and I guess the depression set in as a result of losing the love that people once gave.
    -The night he killed himself he had problems with another one of my friends hitting on his girlfriend and he got really upset.He was going to start a fight but I jumped inbetween them and stopped him.Our whole lives I can never remember either of us getting angry at the other,but I guess this may have been his first time.He turned around and walked out the door and I followed.
    -On the way to his home his mind was racing.He would ask me to go into town with him to start a fight but I'ld say no.Then he would say he was going to kill himself and I'ld try to talk him out of it.Then he would say he wanted to go back in the army.From one to the other.The last time I saw him alive I told him"everbody loves you a man"and he turned around and shrugged his shoulders with that black jacket he always wore.
    -It was his brother who found him hanging in the shed later the next day.He was dressed in his army clothes and had been in a fight.The police would not let us read his suicide letters,yet they told us he wrote down that I loved everyone.His last words were a lie and so were mine.
    >I reckon he was trying to protect his friend at work from undercover police and they made him mentally ill.Something most people that young would not handle.
    >My last words should have been"Jesus loves you."
    >His last words should have been"Jesus loves everyone."
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    28 Sep '04
    07 Nov '05 03:37
    My dedication to my mother:

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    06 Sep '04
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    I dedicate my suicide to all those who couldn't take two minutes of their time to give a damn about me.

    Did I do this right?
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